At Roads to Rome Tours we provide high quality private, personalized and small group tours, so we can treat our clients as individuals. We want you to see the complex beauty of Rome, feel the inspiration, and have a ball.


If you choose one of our private tours, your trip will be designed around your interests; each tour will go at your pace, and we will help you with any reservations or arrangements you might need during your stay.


To further individualize your vacation, our standard tour times and lengths are suggestions. Your group can change the start time or length of any tour to fit your schedule.


​​If you decide to get one of our small group tours instead, you will have a semi-private tour (with maximum 12 people) and a professional  guide that will lead you through the marvelous sights of the eternal city.


The small size of the groups will give you the chance to interact with the guide, ask questions and enjoy every moment of your tour.


The most important members of our team are our guides. Each guide has studied Classics, Art History, Archeology, or another related field.


All of our guides are completely bi-lingual in English and Italian. They are capable, professional, and most importantly, the kind of people you'd like to get a glass of wine with.


If you’re planning a vacation to Rome or just starting to consider it, contact us and see what Roads to Rome Private Tours has to offer.

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Our Story

Roads to Rome Tours has two main characters:














was born in Benevento, Italy in 1984 and since he was little he's had a wild passion for archaeology. His parents planted the seeds of his love for mythology, ruins, and basically all things ancient by taking him to museums and archaeological sites. The Indiana Jones films did the rest.

After graduating in Archaeology at the University of Salerno, he moved to Rome where he finished his specialization at the university "La Sapienza" participating in digs in some of the most important sites in Rome, including the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill. Since 2008 he has excavated in Orvieto, Italy at an Etruscan site called Campo della Fiera where he had the honor of being the first person to extensively study the "Temple A". He has published three articles on eastern cults in Campania and in 2012 was asked to present his research on the temple of Isis in Benevento at an international convention in Spain.

He is still a trench supervisor in Orvieto, where he spends the month of August excavating, picking and shoveling all day under the burning Italian sun, teaching students how to dig, and he calls it "my vacation".



was also born in 1984 in Missouri, USA. She began studying Latin in high school and in 2000 decided to follow her heart and study Classics at Truman State University, emboldened by the bravery of Maximus Decimus Meridius.

While working on her master's degree in Classics from the University of Arizona, Laura had the opportunity to work for a summer on an Etruscan excavation in Orvieto where she found a handsome blond archeologist hidden under a thick layer of dirt.

Laura worked as a Latin T.A. at the University of Arizona. She has presented papers on Greek and Roman literature at CAMWS and a few smaller scholastic conventions.

Unable to bury their love of the past but remembering the Latin adage "Archaeologia non dat panem," the two began working as tour guides in Rome.  About this time, several of Laura's more clever friends and family members jumped on the occassion to have their own, personal guides in Rome. Along with being a lot of fun, these visits gave her and Giovanni a chance to think beyond the pre-packaged tours they were giving and start organizing vacations "ad personam".

The two determined to use their academic backgrounds and knowledge of the country to offer a more expansive view of Italy that included lesser-frequented places such as the Aventine Hill and the Jewish Ghetto in Rome, the Naples' underground, and genuine contact with the Italian culture of today.


In 2013, Laura went back to Missouri (yes, Italian men can be THAT bad), but she is still part of the company and does a lot of work behind the scenes.

Her contribution to the success of Roads to Rome Tours is still really relevant.

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